Friday, October 9, 2015

FuzzyGreen Unisex Travel Atomizer Review

Yeah! It’s Friday! Okay, so who here travels a lot? Yep, me too. No matter how much I travel, I always seem to forget that I have to pack my cosmetics in travel sized bottles. And as a perfumer lover, I always seem to forget to grab a travel size of my favorite.

FuzzyGreen Unisex Travel Atomizer at .5ml ($8.99 currently on sale for $3.99) and the problem is solved. The FuzzyGreen Unisex Travel Atomizer is available in hot pink, purple and silver so it’s perfect for both men and women. Made from sturdy alloy, you don’t have to worry about a perfume or cologne soaked bag. It’s lightweight and has a chic smooth finish. It’s sturdy and easy to transfer fragrance from your bigger bottle into the atomizer.

The holidays are coming up soon and if you’re headed to grandma’s house, you may want to pink up one on Amazon

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