Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Andre Lorent Kabuki Makeup Brush Review

I have seen many, many makeup brushes throughout my lifetime. And rest assured, not all are “made” the same. From the expensive Artis brushes that have become very popular of late (justifiably so – they are A-Mazing!) to the random $5 nail art brushes that I reviewed on Monday. So, the question is – can you get a decent makeup brush without shelling out a lot of money?

The short answer is yes. However, often you get what you pay for. But, there are those occasions when you can find a good deal on a great brush. This is the case with the Andre Lorent Kabuki Makeup Brush that is normally $49.95 but is currently on sale for $16.99. The Andre Lorent Kabuki brush is soft with a comfortable handle. And while I wouldn’t normally be rough with my makeup brushes, for the sake of this review I gave this one a good old beating.

One of the things that I’ve experienced with makeup brushes are fibers that fall out as I’m applying my makeup! I gave the fibers themselves a hard yank and was pleasantly surprised not to find brush fibers in my hand. As for makeup application, I found that this brush applies foundation smoothly. Overall, a great brush for the price. You can find your own Andre Lorent Kabuki Makeup Brush on Amazon.

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