Sunday, September 6, 2015

KonaBox Burr Mill Manual Coffee Grinder Review

There is nothing like fresh ground coffee. The taste is simple superior to pre-ground. We found the KonaBox Burr Mill Manual Coffee Grinder ($25.99) on Amazon and below are the list of the benefits.

  1. Easy to put together
  2. Easy to use to hand grind your coffee
  3. The small window lets you see exactly how much you coffee you have ground up
  4. Comes with a stainless steel coffee spoon which is your special gift
  5. Great for home, office, camping and traveling
  6. You can mix the different flavors together and make your own combination
  7. It gives your coffee a better flavor
  8. It’s easy to clean up
  9. Storage is simple too since it's so slender and small
  10. Easy to travel with if you are working on the road or even great to take to the office with you.
  11. Its rust proof - now that's a huge plus
  12. Makes a great gift for co-workers, bosses, family

You can purchase yours on Amazon

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