Monday, September 14, 2015

Chillaxed Pet 3-in-1 Pet Groomer Review

Anyone who has a cat to dog can relate to the struggles of animal hair throughout the house. I specifically wanted to review the Chillaxed Pet 3-in-1 Pet Groomer because we have a cat, which despite being a full fledged family member, loves to leave his hair … everywhere!

Chuckles, our cat, has a favorite chair that he likes to lounge in. Unfortunately, it happens to be my husband’s favorite chair as well. So, imagine how thrilled my husband is when he gets out of the chair to fined he’s wearing “fur” pants. It isn’t just furniture that our beloved Chuckles manages to deposit hair upon. I find that no matter how much I vacuum the carpeted steps (which is a feat in and of itself) I never manage to get all of the animal hair up.

Today, I tested out the Chillaxed Pet 3-in-1 Pet Groomer ($11.77). First, I ran the gloved groomer across my arm to make sure that it wasn’t to rough for my furry baby and then I began to groom the cat. He loved it, purring happily the entire time and the groomer glove gently removed his loose hair. Next, I moved onto my husband’s favorite chair and in seconds all of the animal hair was gone! The glove fits easily onto your hand and has an adjustable strap. One side for animal grooming, massaging, and the other side to remove animal hair from fabrics and the like.

This is it. This handy glove-style grooming brush is designed for short- or medium-haired pets. This soft glove has flexible rubber tips that gently remove hair, dirt, and tangles and reduce shedding while giving a soft massage. Glove can also be used for bathing. Reverse side of glove is designed to pick up loose fur from fabric and upholstery. Turns grooming time into bonding time that both you and your pets will love! 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

You can get your Chillaxed Pet 3-in-1 Pet Groomer on Amazon

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