Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perfect Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift For The Guy That Has Everything

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is difficult all by itself. Add in a factor of finding a gift for your guy, the type of guy that has everything, and the experience can be downright painful. Fortunately, a new company has emerged that just might fit the bill … perfectly. ElevenJames is a luxury watch rental service, similar to Rent The Runway, and whether your guy is a watch aficionado or not he’s bound to appreciate this luxury service.

Eleven James is an innovative membership program offering access to curated collections encompassing the latest, most popular and vintage watch styles. Brands include Audemars Piguet, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Rolex, and Ulysse Nardin, just to name a few. Eleven James makes it possible to wear the most beautiful and interesting models from the finest watch brands in the world.

Members of Eleven James can choose to receive either three or six watches per year for a period of two months at a time, from a choice of curated collections (ranging from $10,000 average retail value and upwards). Additionally, members enjoy private events, options to purchase, and fuss-free concierge service. Eleven James Concierge service includes hand pickup and delivery in New York City and will soon be available in other areas.

Pricing rotations:

  • Aficionado, 3 rotations- $249 per month or $2,700 per year
  • Aficionado, 6 rotations- $449 per month or $4,850 per year
  • Connoisseur, 3 rotations- $459 per month or $4,950 per year
  • Connoisseur, 6 rotations- $829 per month or $8,950 per year
  • Virtuoso, 3 rotations- $899 per month or $9,700 per year
  • Virtuoso, 6 rotations- $1,599 per month or $17,250 per year
So, what’s a gal, or guy, gotta do to get Eleven James for Valentine’s Day? It’s a simple as calling the Eleven James Concierge to personalize the perfect Eleven James membership. Eleven James can send a gift certificate, a gift box, or potentially surprise the gift recipient with their first Eleven James watch. If you’re a “last minute” kind of person, contact Eleven James by 9 a.m. ET on Valentine’s Day and they can prepare something for your Valentine by Friday evening! For more information, visit Eleven James or call the Eleven James Concierge at (855) 353-8365. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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