Monday, August 12, 2013

Trunk Club iOS App

The new Trunk Club iOS app is equipped with the following capabilities:

1. Connect with your stylist wherever you are in a few quick taps. Request a new personalized trunk from your stylist in seconds through an "Uber-like" friction-free ordering and payment experience. Once your trunk arrives, you can give feedback to your stylist right from the app.

2. Access personalized outfit recommendations from your stylist. What goes with what? What can you wear on that date next weekend? If you're ever bored of what you've got, request new suggestions from your stylists with a tap.

3. Browse exclusive featured trunks curated by Trunk Club (e.g., "Spring Blazers”) to learn about new brands, styles, or looks. Like something you see? One tap alerts your stylist to put something similar together for you based on your unique preferences.

To download the iPhone app, search "Trunk Club" in the app store or to download directly.  For more information on Trunk Club and its iPhone app, visit

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