Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lifetimes Pretty Wicked Moms - Moms that you will love to hate

On May 30 the Pop Culture Shock screened the first two episodes of “Pretty Wicked Moms,” a new, unscripted reality series premiering on Lifetime June 4. Let’s just say that the “Real Housewives” having nothing on these crazy mothers from Atlanta.

The premier episode introduces viewers to six spirited southern women who are the “mean girls” from high school … all grown up. Vying to be the ultimate mother, these women are perfectly coiffed, manicured, and impeccably dressed … stopping at nothing to one up each other and making this the must-see series of the summer!


Emily “The Queen Bee” – Married to Pete a dentist. She is the owner of the clothing boutique, Swank, (sometimes refereed to as “Skank” by the other moms). Emily is so obsessed with being number one that little time is left for her daughter Amzie.

Nicole N. “The Doggy Mom” – Married to Patrick and best friends with Emily, she has a Shih Tzu, named Summer, that Nicole N. treats like her child. The premiere finds Emily flat-ironing Summer’s hair, and shows viewers Summer’s extensive doggie wardrobe.

Miranda “The Southern Belle” – Married to Chris, Pete’s best friend, Miranda has a “forced friendship” with Emily. Miranda’s two-year-old son, Ledger, is a professional model and mom has everything scheduled down to the very last minute.

Nicole B. “The Alpha Mom” – Married to Craig, Nicole B. works out 5 days a week to lose non-existent baby fat from giving birth to her daughter McKinley … a year ago. Nicole B. is planning the perfect birthday party and hires a party planner, all very normal if the birthday celebration wasn’t for a one-year-old!

Marci “The Divorcee” – This newly divorced mother of three was born and raised in Miami. Marci acknowledges the “culture shock” of moving to Atlanta, but quickly becomes the “go to” mom for the other women. Marci often finds herself stuck in the middle of the mayhem.

Meredith “The Newbie” – This stay at home mom is married to Brad and has a daughter named Addison. Meredith aspires to be just like the other moms, even sharing the same hair stylist as Emily. In the premiere episode, Emily takes some nasty quips at the new kid on the block regarding that shared stylist and this defiantly sets the tone for how Meredith is perceive by all.

This all-new unscripted comedy, “Pretty Wicked Moms,” premieres at 10 p.m. on Lifetime immediately following “Dance Moms”. Catch a sneak peek on The Daily Dose and check local listings at Lifetime.

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