Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things You May Not Know About America’s Sweetheart Betty White

Betty White, a.k.a. America’s Sweetheart, has had one of the longest standing Hollywood careers of any actor or actress. Betty’s wit and charm have and solidified her as a culture icon. She is always entertaining to watch and these facts about Betty White make her one of the most intriguing icons of today.
  • Betty White moved to Los Angeles when she was two years old.
  • Betty White began her career as a model in 1939.
  • Betty White posed in the 1940s, as many struggling models and actress did and do.
  • Betty White joined the American Women’s Volunteer Service during WWII and put her acting career on hold.
  • Betty White was nominated as the honorary mayor of Hollywood in 1955.
  • Betty White has been married three times. 1) Dick Barker in 1945 2) Lane Allen in 1947 and 3) Allen Ludden in 1963
  • Betty White never had any children, but is step-mom to Allen Ludden’s 3 children.
  • Betty was the first woman to ever receive an Emmy for hosting a game show.
  • Betty White is an honorary member of the United States Forestry Service.
  • Betty White is a vegetarian.
  • Betty White, at age 88, became the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live.

The now 89-year-old Betty White shows no signs of slowing down and we are thankful for that!

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