Monday, August 1, 2011

Products That Can Take A Beating

How many times have you dropped your cell phone? I got a new smartphone and about a week later, my clumsy self dropped it smack onto the concrete sidewalk. Fortunately, no harm was done to my electronic appendage. But dropping a cell onto the sidewalk is fairly commonplace and we as a society are living extreme lives, therefore we need products that will endure extreme living.

Enter the Casio Commando. While I do not endorse any specific phone or company, I do endorse Casio’s uber creative “Tougher is Smarter” campaign. The G’zOne Commando is a military spec built smartphone and is said to be able to take a beating and still function properly. The video certainly seem to indicate that the phone would withstand one heck of a beating…of course Casio didn’t bother to call me to perform my stiletto heel test. Anyhow, products that are built for high endurance extreme living are, hands-down, the next trend. For more extreme action you can check out G'zOne HERE!

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