Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun At The Office

Yes, it’s possible to have a little fun at the office. It’s possible to show a little self-expression and still maintain your professional stature. It’s simply an issue of moderation. But, hey you didn’t stop by my page to read about the do’s and don’ts of Corporate America. Hopefully, you stopped by to say Hello … um ... Hi!

Okay all ridiculousness aside, I have found two awesome products that are bound to get you a raise and a promotion...oops I’m at it again...okay...I have found two products that are functional and fun. And if we speak honestly, life needs to be a little more fun. I almost forgot to mention that both products can be used outside of the office.

The first product is a Mood Mug by design house Thabto. Handmade, insulated porcelain each mug has a simple facial expression to let your coworkers know how you feel. The double-duty factor is that obviously you can use them at home to let the fam know how you feel. Each mug has double wall insulation, which ensures that the beverage is kept hot and your hands aren’t. The insulation feature eliminates the need for a handle and creates more cupboard space.
  • Monstrously Moody
  • Happy as Larry (Nope, couldn’t tell you who Larry is)
  • Seriously Sleepy
  • Horribly Hungover
  • Cheeky Chappie (For that very special creeper in your office) 

And if you don’t believe that you’re expressing yourself enough, the next product is Clip Language by one of by favorite design houses, NOTHING dESIGN Group. Designers Jin-woog Koo (the iHandbag) and Mi-So Sim produced these awesome double-duty paper clips so that you can express your feelings as you hand in your monthly report to your supervisor. But the clips are sturdy enough to be worn as accessories such as a tie clip or a clip for your hair. Both items can be found at Yanko Design.

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