Monday, August 22, 2011

Eminem A True Survivor

Whether you love or hate his music, no one can deny that the kid from Detroit has overcome, survived and thrived in situations where others would have run for cover.
From word go, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka, Eminem, 38, had the cards stacked against him. Abandoned by his father when he was 18 months old and left with an abusive, alcoholic mother, Eminem found solace in music. Beginning his rap career at 14, he managed to break unspoken boundaries in this genre of music.

For years Eminem’s personal and professional life seemed to be in a constant state of drama. Marrying and divorcing Kimberley Anne Scott twice, sued by his mother, drug addiction, rehab, relapse and recovery, the man still stands strong.

Eminem stepped up to responsibility when he adopted Scott’s kid from a previous relationship, then adopted her sister’s kid, took custody of the daughter he had with Scott and gained legal guardianship of his younger brother.

And then there’s his charity work. The Marshall Mathers Foundation donates to organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Habitat For Humanity and PAL in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit.

So when you read that Eminem raked in $3.3 million dollars from his two-day appearance at the U.K. V Festival, don’t hate. At least the guy has something to offer the world unlike that waste of space, no-talent Kim Kardashian.

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