Friday, July 29, 2011

iHandbag The Next ‘Must Have’ Smartphone Accessory

Jin-Woog Koo, a Korean designer from the Nothing Design Group, has created the iHandbag. The iHandbag is a handbag shaped smart-phone case that is designed to avoid the upheaval and hassle of rummaging throughout a conventional, a.k.a, boring handbag in search of your smart-phone.

On top of major convenience, the iHandbag combines the best of both worlds. It does double duty as both a purse and protective cover for a smart-phone. Credit cards, money, and ID can be kept in the iHandbag behind your smart-phone and the iHandbag is also designed so that all the functions of a smart-phone are easily accessible without having to remove your phone. Completely practical and chic, it comes in several colors and patterns. The iHandbag seems to be the perfect accessory!

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