Thursday, July 28, 2011

70 Just Became the New 50

Ten years ago, 40 became the new 30 and then 40 something’s started looking as good as 20 something’s. Well the latest and possibly best trend is the Silent/Baby Boomer generations’ refusal to quietly slink into retirement.

In previous days, turning 50 meant slowing down and was definitely viewed as going downhill. But today’s 50 and over crowd have never looked better or been in better health and seem to have no intention of keeping the status quo of previous generations.

Silent/Baby Boomers are now being been called the luckiest generation ever and having a look at some of the most famous Silent/Baby Boomers, I can see why. From Tina Turner to Harrison Ford, the nine people, all of whom are over 60, that I looked at show little signs of being “old” and no signs of slowing down.

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